About Marcia

I am a Realtor and Certified Financial Coach.  My goal is not to help more individuals become homeowners but how can I help them to change their entire life.  I got my start as a single mother of 2 small kids. 

Marcia L Smith has impacted the lives of 1000’s of clients who have learned “My Money Is Busy” Her straight talk and no chaser has reached the attention of many who needed a wake-up call to get their lives in order and do better financially. Her teachings expand from mindset, money, credit, business and real estate.

She began her journey when she moved to Houston 19 years ago with a car, a TV and some clothes. Months later she became pregnant, single and with no help. She made the decision to not become a statistic or part of the system.  Marcia created a plan to create the life she wanted to live, which involved stepping outside of her comfort zone and doing something different. 

Marcia purchased a home and based on her home buying experience she wanted to do things differently to became a Loan Officer and later a Realtor. She soon realized her future buyers didn’t need a house; they needed a financial plan. In 2019, Marcia became a Certified Financial Coach to help her clients not only purchase a home but learn what was necessary to keep it and become financially free.

After creating a number of mini courses, workshops and now conferences the lives of people are changing in record numbers. The drive to see more lives change has driven her to do more and save more people from falling into the trap of just working to pay bills.  The plan has been created and more options are now available but the question we all must ask ourselves “how bad do you really want a better life?”

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