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Marcia Smith will help you stay focused, empowered and on track to create your dream business and exceed your goals.

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Discover the steps towards financial freedom.

Financial Freedom

Create the life you want to live and learn the steps to having the freedom to choose in every area of your life.

Business Coaching

We’ll show you how to setup and run the business, how to build business credit, how to market the business to attract customers, and more.


– 1 –

Identify your target.

What does your dream business look like to you?  Having an abundance of customers?  Having a team of amazing employees?  Setting your goals and exceeding them each month? Having rave reviews on social media? Hitting a specific sales target? Constant increase in profits? Being known as the most sought‑after expert in your field? 

Think it’s not possible?  Marcia Smith will help you break each of your goals down to show you just how possible they really are. 

– 2 –

Create a strategic, customized plan.

When you dream big, sometimes it can feel scary when you don’t know how it will all happen.  Doubt begins to creep in.  You don’t know where to start or who to connect with for help.  Marcia Smith will break down your goals into measurable, manageable, achievable tasks and create a step‑by‑step plan of action that will take you dream to reality.

– 3 –

Execute and achieve more than you thought possible.

With each step you take in your personalized action plan, you will see your vision come to life, gain confidence, increase momentum, attract your ideal clients, and build a successful business. Marcia Smith will help you stay on focused, empowered and on track to create your dream business. and exceed – your goals.

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What our clients are saying


These last 30 days have been an eye opener! Not only looking at how we spend but at how others treat you when you refuse to spend on them or with them....i.e. no more happy hours!


My mindset in how I view money has changed. I learned that most of my money problems came from me not having a plan which I knew I needed but didn’t know how to obtain it until now.


The last 30 days has changed my mindset because I use to just spend spend spend. Now I look at my budget first and ask myself if we really need it or is it just a want.

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